Submission to the Acta Conventus Neolatini Lovaniensis 2022

Dear participants of the IANLS congress,

A few weeks ago, we had a wonderful IANLS congress in Leuven, and the local organisers did a great job for all of us. Now, it is time to think about the publication of the proceedings. For general information about the Acta Conventus Neo-Latini, see: Publication of the Acta.

If you want to publish your paper in the Acta Conventus Neo-Latini, please, have a look at the style sheet and send your article (max. 28,000 characters, including spaces and footnotes) by 30 November 2022 to:

Remember that only participants who presented their paper personally at the congress, are allowed to publish it in the Acta.

After a formal check of your submission, we will send it to at least two peer reviewers, and we will let you know about their comments and reviews as soon as we get them. In the end, we will only be able to publish a selection of c. 50–60 papers.

If you have any further questions, please, write to Florian Schaffenrath. I am looking forward to receiving your submission, and together with Dirk Sacré, I will do my best to publish the volume in due time.

All the best,
Florian Schaffenrath
General Editor of the Acta Conventus Neo-Latini