Becoming a Member

Whoever wants to join the IANLS, is kindly invited to fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Membership fees

There is an annual subscription, according to the statutes (cf. II.C.1.). It is possible to pay for a longer period, normally three years, i. e. € 60 for the triennium. A reduced subscription of € 40 for the triennium, applies to students still taking courses, for those who are in their first five years after being members of the IANLS for at least a three-year-period, provided they do not hold a new appointment. Subscribers should take care that the Association receives the full amount, i. e. that their subscription is not diminished by bank charges.


Old and new members are requested to pay their subscription (€ 60 or € 40) for the current triennium in one of the following ways:

1. International bank transfer to the bank account of the treasurer

Enikő Békés
Institute for Literary Studies
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Ménesi út 11–13
1118 Budapest

Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.
Népfürdő utca 24–26
1138 Budapest

Bank Account Number: 11600006-00000000-75110084
IBAN: HU62 1160 0006 0000 0000 7511 0084

When using IBAN and BIC in cross-border transactions within the European Union only domestic bank charges (ought to) apply. This method of paying therefore may be most attractive to members within the European Union.

2. Electronic payment to the PayPal account of the treasurer

Please send, via PayPal’s websystem, the amount due, € 62 – made up of € 60 subscription fee plus € 2 PayPal charges – or € 42 – made up of € 60 subscription fee plus € 2 PayPal charges –, to the treasurer’s PayPal account This method may be preferable for members who can not make international money transfers without incurring banking charges.

Members are kindly requested to ensure that their name appears together with the payment (esp. if they are not using their own bank account) and not to include further communications together with the payments, since these are usually cut off during bank transfer.

For all further information, please contact our Secretary, Kristi Viiding, at

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